Is it Right for You?

This questionnaire is a great first step towards determining if a Captive Insurance Company is the best fit for your business. If you answer the 9 questions below, we will analyze the results and our Senior Analysts will be more than happy to assist you further if you desire.

    Sole ProprietorshipPartnershipLLCS CorporationC Corporation

    less than 3 years3-6 years7-10 years11-15 years15+ years


    Will be sold by then0-25%25%-75%75%-125%>125%

    DiminishStay the sameImprove somewhatImprove quite a bitImprove dramatically

    Highly leveraged and will continue that wayHighly leveraged but reducing debt systematicallyReasonable debt for our size and industryWe borrow as needed but generally avoid itNo long-term debt and unlikely to need it in the future


    <$50k per year$50k -$250K per year$250k to $500k per year$500k to $1mm per year> $1mm per year


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